Cre8tiveMarks University is a new online way of learning. After working in the Animation Industry, teaching numerous lectures and workshops and as an instructor the industries finest at Disney and Dreamworks, Mark noticed there were some universal questions that kept being asked by some of the most seasoned artiest as well as students and new artistes in the field. From professional to beginner, these videos and artistic instruction are designed to answer the most basic questions as well as the complex understanding of drawing for the Animation and Entertainment Industry…all in the comfort of your own home.

Many other schools and online teaching facilities were giving instruction for a limited timeframe that he thought was far to short and could be easily forgotten with life’s other worries during the work week. Because of that, he hatched a way to provide art instruction for today’s art field as well as in the comfort of one’s own home or any device on-the-go. Once downloaded you get to keep the information as long as you’d like. It’s yours to study, enjoy and come back to far off at a later day if need be!

The videos are a fun and information packed 2-4 hour set of lessons. The way the lessons are designed was also a very important to Mark and his experiences while working with some many other like-minded creative thinkers. He developed a progress that built off of the previous lesson as not to get caught going off on an “unmarked” path along the way to learning this craft. Cre8tiveMarks University is a step-by-step process that will build off of each video making the experience similar to the thinking process as you go though a drawing with all of the secret “tricks of the trade” to get where you’d like to go. In addition to the first 12-part series that stretches many thoughts and theories from basic forms, figure drawing, silhouettes and more complex compositional flow and storytelling drawings, there will be additional one-off videos talking about other important ideas akin to the Animation and Entertainment Industry. There’s A LOT of information to learn, but it’s all here at the new one stop shop, Cre8tiveMarks University!