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Black Friday SALE - 20%-50% Off

Black Friday SALE – 20%-50% Off

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Happy….almost…..New Year!



I’m VERY happy to say, I’ve just finished a new video that’s in addition to the “Art and Feel Of Making It Real” 12-part series, this one is on CREATURE DESIGN (and how to make 3 or more designs fit into a style or set for “World Building”)!  The video is about an hour long.

Below is the video’s description:

“Designing characters and/or creatures for any media is complicated, but understanding how to work within a family or group of images/designs that exist as a harmonious group is even harder.

This video focuses on how to create characters in a set that work in a “world building” scenario that works for film, gaming and television design.  These ideas and concepts will help you design in a group that shows control of idea and how to flesh out a series of designs instead of a single image.”